Tantra explained

Tantra means weaving and expansion in Sanskrit
is an ancient philosophy
with links both to India, Tibet and China.

Tantra provides tools for integrating
all aspects of a person,
physically as well as
mentally and spiritually.
The goal is to expand your energies and awareness,
an "awakening" on all levels.



"Sexuality is not a leisure
or a part-time activity.
It is a way of being"

Some aspects of the Tantric tradition
view the ability to truly enjoy sexuality
as a gateway to a happy life.

In contrast to plain sex where most of us
are purely satisfying the needs generated by our ego
- relief, entertainment or reassurance
that we are attractive
Tantra teaches us to experience orgasm in a new dimension,
where genital orgasm is only the beginning.

By containing the energy charge that erotic arousal generates,
and consciously redirect it through the body,
the physical pleasure becomes the delight of the heart
and an ectasy of the spirit.
The intention is to become a whole person
in tune with both mind, body and soul.



Tantra is therefore considered
as the sexual learning of choice
for those who want to have it all:
a passionate lovelife, a healthy body
and a spiritual awakening.

The fact is that Tantra will
make you feel comfortable with your body.
Your eyes will be opened to a new level of eroticism,
one that includes spirituality
and awareness of other people's innermost feelings and desires.