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Tantra Therapy for Women & Men

Tantra massage? Taktile massage?
Sensual massage? Erotic massage?
Yoni massage? Sexsibility coaching?

There are different names for similar things
and people associate differently to each.

But in our view all of this is included in what we prefer to call:

Tantra therapy

This is a deeply healing treatment that is
very effective in releasing blockages related to
intimacy, sexuality and relationships.



We are centrally located in Helsingborg,
in the south of Sweden (near Denmark)

Often due to previous "less positive"
sexual experiences or abuse,
as a child or as an adult.

Usually these blockages manifest as
anxiety or fear in intimate situations
and can make the difference between being able
to feel pleasure - or not
to enjoy - or not
to have an orgasm - or not.

Letting go of these memories / energies / tensions
often stored in the genital area,
increases the
energy flow between your chakras
which opens up for greater enjoyment.

Tantra therapy is good also if you have difficulty
to control your sexual energy, if you
masturbate often or are engaging in sexual deviations.

Important elements of Tantra therapy are:
to regain sensitivity to touch
to discover new erogenous zones

to open the heart for more love
to harmonize body and soul, and
channel/move the erotic energy
to be able to enjoy it throughout the body

Ultimately, you will also learn techniques
for deeper pleasure and for
experiencing different types of orgasms.



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Tantric massage and aromatic oils
promote relaxation and body awareness;
soothing music makes you focus all your energy inward.
The energy flow through your chakras are stimulated,
your senses will be awakened
and your body's sensitivity will increase.

You will discover new dimensions
of intimacy when the sensual touch is slow,
meditative and purposeful.

Getting a sensual touch by someone who is
completely free of ulterior motives,
completely focused on your needs
and your enjoyment
without expecting anything in return
will strengthen you as a woman/man.