Yoga Explained


Tantra is an important part of
the ancient spiritual science of Yoga.
The word yoga means union

In yoga different techniques are used
to help people connect with their inner spirit,
which is essentially divine and connected to the universal spirit.

The five most important Yoga principles are:
stretching body postures (asanas), breathing techniques,
relaxation, diet and meditation.


Yoga Therapy
Yoga therapy is the adaptation of these techniques
to overcome different types of energy blockages,
which often manifest itself in the form of pain or mental illness.

As part of a personalized long term plan
we can make a program for you to
restore the balance between body and soul,
thereby promoting natural healing.

Since the spine is such an important channel
for the distribution of life force in a human being,
the first measure in yoga is to increase the flexibility
of the spine, in particular the area around the lower back.



Every person has his/her consciousness predominantly
on one specific chakra. Most people today are predominant
on the Sex chakra (swadhistana),
some on the Navel chakra (Manipura)
or the Root chakra (Muladhara).
Very few have their predominat chakra on higher levels.

An important step in Yoga therapy is to make sure that each of the seven chakras are open and balanced.
Only then it is possible to raise your level of consciousness.

Physical control, being able to listen to your body
and a free flow of energies,
are all important aspects to a Yogi.