Tantra Therapy Woman

"A woman plants a thought
and harvests an action,
then she plants an action
and harvests an attitude,
then she plants the attitude
and harvests a habit,
then she plants the habit
and harvests a destiny (a life)"

The polarity masculine-feminine, male-female, yang-yin,
is the basis for the attraction between man and woman,
and to the erotic energy we feel.
In order to use the masculine-feminine polarity,
the massage is normally given by a man.

(if you are heterosexual).

You may have a poor body image,
and not feel comfortable with your appearance, size or agility.
You may not feel the desire in intimate situations,
or may not be able to have an orgasm.
You may be afraid of intimacy,
or find it difficult to relax, to surrender to a man.
You may feel you are being denied intimacy, tenderness.

Or you may feel that you have little or no control
over your erotic energies, can not stop thinking about
and perform sexual acts;
maybe you masturbate several times a day
or engage in sexual deviations?



"Tantra is a life long journey
and the practice
of living life
in joy

Maybe you are missing a deeper,
more intimate contact with your partner?
Wish lovemaking would be more
than just physical intimacy
- that you would be touched in the heart?

Important elements of Tantra therapy are:
to regain sensitivity to touch
to discover new erogenous zones

to open the heart for more love
to harmonize body and soul, and
channel/move the erotic energy
to be able to enjoy it throughout the body

When you learn to feel more,
and to be more open and vulnerable to your partner,
your love life will change.
It will make lovemaking more natural,
relaxed and enjoyable - as the idea was from the beginning ...


Introductory talk
Lasts up to 30 min,
included in the first session.
450 kr if we only talk.

Tantra therapy
The first session starts with an introductory talk.
The treatment may include several elements, like tantra massage, yoga therapy, coaching, aroma theraphy, sensitivity training etc.
2 hours 1 600 kr
(student discounts avaialble)

Tantra therapy

48 hours, 2 nights
min 10 hours therapy
Including 2 nights in stylish accomodation, a centrally located apartment (value 1600 kr)
7 500 kr (normal price 9 600 kr)

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Important ingredients in Tantra therapy,
besides Tantra massage, is counseling and coaching.
We therefore recommend that you book at least three sessions.
In repeated sessions or during a retreat
we can include elements like aroma therapy, sensitivity training,
yoga therapy, yoni-massage to increase your ability to reach orgasm,
techniques to reduce menstruation and associated disorders,
hints how to give a man massage, to give a man lingam-massage, etc.

You will also learn how to circulate the erotic energy
and thereby increase your ability to experience pleasure
and to feel full of energy on all levels (chakras).
Ultimately, you will also learn techniques
for deeper pleasure and for
different types of orgasms.

Introductory talk
The first session begins with
a short talk to familiarize
ourselves with your situation, your experiences
and for you to feel safe.

A Tantra therapy has no value unless it is
done in an environment of trust and security,
promoting well-being.

The first part of the massage is designed to help you relax,
in order for you to be able to stop thinking, surrender to the touch
and let go of your mind controlling everything.
Only then you will be able to allow yourself to be vulnerable
and to be touched at the core of your being,
and thereby to be able to let go of your blockages.

Sometimes the conversation is enough to dissolve
certain mental blockages, and to clarify
what changes you need to make in your life.
After the talk we
both have the opportunity to choose,
to stop there, or move on with the actual Tantra therapy.