Tantra therapy Men

"The spiritual manifests itself
not only in invisible forms
but also in physical forms.
One passes through a world
of forms ascending from
reality to abstraction.
In this manner one approaches Spirit, or purity itself.

In accordance with the polarity masculine-feminine,
male-female, yang-yin,
the massage is given by a woman.

Many men are tired of the purely physical sex,
like the one portrayed in porn,
and feel a need to learn how to connect on a deeper level,
to be able to feel more.

Sometimes it's about learning
to become a better lover,
to better satisfy your partner's
needs on the physical or the spiritual level.

It may also be that you experience a decreased lust for sex,
and opportunities to address this,
or that you have emotional problems because of
bad experiences related to sex or to abuse.
Maybe you experience a weak erection or premature ejaculation.


The major reason for a man being a bad lover,
the inability to satisfy his woman sexually,
is a weak self-confidence.
Physically, there is a big difference between a man and a woman.
The man may need as little as 5-15 minutes of stimulation
before he ejaculates,
the woman need at least 20 minutes
before she can reach orgasm.
How can you as a man make this equation work?

Maybe your woman lacks a deeper,
more intimate contact with you as a partner?
Maybe she wish lovemaking would be
more than just physical intimacy
- that she would be touched in the soul?

Often, the solution to this is that you learn to last longer
and become less fixated on ejaculation.
To take it slower, feel yourself and your partner,
to experience orgasm instead of a sneeze,
to make love instead of fucking like in a porn movie.

Physically, it's about gaining control over
your genital muscles,
but also to learn to circulate the sexual energy.
Mentally, it's about releasing the ingrained thought pattern
that as soon as you are excited you start thinking of spastic contractions and batches of semen coming out of your lingam.


Introductory talk
Lasts up to 30 min,
included in the first session.

Tantra therapy
The first session starts with an introductory talk.
The treatment may include several elements, like tantra massage, yoga therapy, coaching, aroma theraphy, sensitivity training etc.
2 hours 1 850 kr

Maybe you have a poor control
over the erotic energies, and can not stop thinking about
and perform sexual acts,
maybe you masturbate several times a day
or engage in sexual deviations.

Then the key is to learn to
channel the erotic energy,
to be able to
enjoy pleasure with more than just your lingam,
to regain the sensitivity
and discover new erogenous zones.

When you learn to feel more,
and be more open in the heart,
your love life will change.
It will make you a better person,
a better lover, and a much happier one.














Important ingredients in Tantra therapy,
besides Tantra massage, is counseling and coaching.
We therefore recommend that you book at least three sessions.
In repeated sessions
we can upon request and need include elements like
aromatherapy, sensitivity training, lingam-massage, yoga therapy,
techniques to increase your ability to reach orgasm,
to receive love, pleasure etc.

You will also learn how to circulate the erotic energy
and thereby increase your ability to experience pleasure
and to feel full of energy on all levels (chakras).

Introductory talk
The first session begins with
a short talk to familiarize
ourselves with your situation and intimate experiences,
and for you to feel safe.

A Tantra therapy has no value unless it is
done in an environment of trust and security,
promoting well-being.

The first part of the massage is designed to help you relax,
in order for you to be able to stop thinking, surrender to the touch
and let go of the thought that you need to be in control of everything.
Only then you will be able to allow yourself to be vulnerable
and to be touched at the core of your being,
and thereby to be able to let go of your
physical and energetic blockages.