Tantra Therapy For Couples

In order to utilize the masculine-feminine polarity,
the therapy on the woman is done by a man,
and on the man by a woman.
The therapy can be done separately,
or together in the same room.

Often when couples come to us, the problem is either
that the woman find it difficult to relax
or that the man has difficulty to feel enough pleasure.

It may be that the woman have poor body image,
do not feel desire in intimate situations,
can not have an orgasm,
or would like to experience deeper orgasms.
It may also be that she is experiencing fear of intimacy,
to surrender to her man,
or that she would like to learn how to pleasure her man,
to give lingam-massage.

It could also be that one party has
more desire for sex than the other;
and that the reason for this is lack of communication,
emotions or techniques.

Sometimes it's about that the woman's needs
both on a physical level and spiritual level
is far from satisfied.

"A woman plants a thought
and harvests an action,
then she plants an action
and harvests an attitude,
then she plants the attitude
and harvests a habit,
then she plants the habit
and harvests a destiny (a life)"

Spiritually she may lack a deeper,
more intimate contact with her partner.
She might wish lovemaking would be
more than just physical intimacy
- that she could be touched in the soul.

Physically, the difference between man and woman is tremendous.
The man may need as little as 5-15 minutes
of stimulation before he ejaculates,
while a woman often need at least 20 minutes
before she can reach orgasm.
How do we get this equation to add up?

Often, this is about that the man needs to have
more endurance and be less fixated on ejaculation,
to make love instead of just fucking like in a porn movie.
This means that both man and woman need to take it slower,
especialy in the beginning,
so the man can feel and control his sexual energy
and in the extension to experience an orgasm
in the whole body instead of just in the genitals,

Physically it is about practicing and gaining control of
the genital muscles, but also to learn to circulate the sexual energy.
Mentally, it is about letting go of the ingrained thought patterns
about spastic contractions and ejaculation of semen.


Maybe one of you have poor control over
the erotic energies, and can not stop thinking about
and perform sexual acts;
maybe you masturbate several times a day
or engage in sexual aberrations.

Then you need to learn to
channel the erotic energy in order to
be able to enjoy more than in just in the genital area,
to regain sensitivity
and discover new erogenous zones.

When you learn to feel more,
and to be more open and vulnerable to your partner,
your love life will change.
It will make lovemaking more natural, relaxed and enjoyable
- which was the idea from the beginning...


Introductory talk
Takes about 30 minutes/person,
included in the first session.

Tantra therapy
The first session starts with an introductory talk.
The treatment may include several elements, like tantra massage, yoga therapy, coaching, aroma theraphy, sensitivity training etc.
2 hours 1 600 kr/pers
(student discounts avaialble)

Tantra therapy

48 hours, 2 nights,
8 hours of therapy, four sessions!
Including 2 nights in stylish accomodation, a centrally located apartment (value 1900 kr)
12 950 kr (normal price 14 700 kr)

Introductory talk

The first time we meet, you are both interviewed,
it may be both individually and together,
in order for us to understand your situation,
and to give you what you need.

A Tantra therapy has no value
unless it transpires in an environment of trust
and security, promoting wellness.

You need a safe environment in order to be able to let go of control.
Only then you
will allow yourself to be vulnerable
and to be touched at the core of your being,
and thereby release your blockages
and evolve in your relationship.

Weekend retreat

In order to get a good result
both you as a couple and we in the role of therapist
need to focus all energy on the process itself.
Often troubles in relationships lack precisely time and focus.

Therefore we recommend retreats for couples where
we upon request and need can include elements like
aromatherapy, sensitivity training, yoga therapy,
techniques to increase your ability to reach orgasm,
to reduce menstruation and associated disorders,
to give a man massage, give a man pleasure, etc.

At weekend retreats the hourly rate is greatly reduced
- a minimum of 10 hours for the price of 4 treatments!
Includes centrally located accommodation in cozy apartment
(value from 1600 to 1900 SEK).
When booking, 20% is
payable in advance (non-refundable).