Different names for similar things

"The spiritual manifests itself
not only in invisible forms
but also in physical forms.
One passes through a world
of forms ascending from
reality to abstraction.
In this manner one approaches Spirit, or purity itself.










Just as we need to practice many other things in life,
we also need to practice being intimate with others.
It may sound simple, but to be present here and now,
have contact with oneself and be in deep contact
with your partner is a difficult art.
Some have received experience naturally through their childhood,
but far from all, and may need to practice
and receive support in order to dare to be intimate.

Tantra massage
With hands that move slowly over your body
you can open up and be touched at several
deep levels.
Tantra massage provide a unique opportunity to appreciate
and enjoy with all the senses
and to discover new erogenous zones.
The one who gives the massage is fully focused
on giving beneficial energy to you
and is extremely present in all movements,
He/she uses intuition to give exactly the kind of touch that you need,
in that specific moment, using
fingers, hands and different body parts.
Aromatic oils, candles, sensual music
and tantric rituals promote the process.

Tactile massage
A Swedish massage method which consists of a soft, subtle touch.
It differs from other massage techniques
because there is no kneading and working the muscles.
It stimulates the tactile receptors in the skin
(the method is also known as tactile stimulation)
and increases the secretion of the hormone oxytocin,
which gives peace of mind.
According to proponents, the tactile massage gives
pain relief, relaxation, better sleep, relief of anxiety,
improved immune system and increased well-being in general.
Tactile massage has been used in health care
for intensive care, rehabilitation, for children and the elderly,
for people with different injuries and disabilities.

Sensual massage
Unlike sex there is a pleasant selflessness in a sensual massage
- one party gives while the other receives,
totally at the mercy of intuitive, loving hands.
The sensual massage is a stream of soft and sliding touches
that stimulates almost all erogenous zones of the body
- although usually not the genitals.
You feel relaxed, safe and stimulated.

Erotic massage
The erotic massage is a stream of soft and sliding touches
that stimulates all erogenous zones of the body,
particularly the genitals.
Here the aim is on increasing the sexual energies,
to the point of total relaxation, orgasm.

Yoni massage
In this massage the whole body will be massaged initially
to create relaxation,
but the main focus is then on the woman's genital area,
the Yoni - meaning
sacred space, vulva.
Tension and blockages caused by sexual traumas or bad emotional experiences are released through
slow, caring movements.

The aim is not sexual stimulation or orgasm,
but may occur as a pleasant side-effect.





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Sex with sensibility, proximity,
presence, trust, responsiveness, power and devotion.
A sexuality where all our parts may be included
- our animal power, our human vulnerability
and our spiritual light.
Sexsibility-coaching is inspired by Tantra and Tao
and is about getting the support to be able to
release shame, guilt and inhibitions that are in the way of
enjoying sex fully. The goal of the coaching is to
get the you to accept and embrace what IS,
allow yourself to feel what you feel,
love yourself just as you are,
to enjoy more of life
and feel more alive.