Different types of female orgasm

"The spiritual manifests itself
not only in invisible forms
but also in physical forms.
One passes through a world
of forms ascending from
reality to abstraction.
In this manner one approaches Spirit, or purity itself.



















































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The woman has an innate ability to be
attentive to her genitals and to control its energies.
She can thus in a better way than the man
feel the difference in experiences.
Therefore orgasm is
usually explained
from a female perspective.

In Tantra, it is important to enable and enhance the knowledge
about various forms of orgasm as it is the beginning
to experience higher states of consciousness (ecstasy).

The superficial orgasm
Is in women mostly a reflex that is manifested by rhythmic
muscle contractions in the vagina (as ejaculation in men).
In women, they occur through stimulation of
the superficial vaginal zones and in particular the clitoris.

In a superficial orgasm the muscles in thighs and abdomen
tightened, and one can feel anxiety, mental tension,
stiffness and a desperate desire to quickly achieve orgasm.
Most often it can feel as if the muscles in the area
is pressed downward, much like a piston in a cylinder.
One gets a feeling of wanting to quickly get rid of the tension,
like when you want to get rid of constipation.

This type of orgasm is usually associated with egoism
just as one can say that masturbation is.
The orgasm is felt mostly in the genital area
and often results in a feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration.

The deep orgasm
Is a more complete orgasm and occurs without exception
during a deep penetration of the vagina,
but is often preceded by a prolonged stimulation
of many erogenous zones.

The deep orgasm can cause tears, screams and shortness of breath.
You feel deep wave motions in the vagina and / or uterus,
which is then spread throughout the body.
You feel a deep satisfaction and relaxation.

The above can be divided into six different types of orgasm:

1. Clitoral orgasm
Perceived locally, superficial, external and gives initially a false sense of satisfaction, because it is related to the idea of not needing anybody.

People who only experience this type of orgasm accumulate large amounts of moon energy, become selfish, restless, irritable and distracted. Associated with a secondary chakra called Yoni Chakra which is quite difficult to control.

It is very common and recommended exclusively by some to enhance the sexual experience, which according to Tantra is a big mistake if it is not combined with other forms of orgasm.

2. The lower vaginal orgasm
Is positioned in the lower part of the vagina, just at the entrance of the vagina. It's still external and incomplete and connected with Muladhara chakra which makes it difficult to control.

3. G-spot orgasm, the deep vaginal orgasm
Experienced after penetration through powerful contractions of vaginal muscles and are often accompanied by large amounts of sexual secretions. Named after Graffenberg, the modern sexologist who rediscovered ancient sexual wisdom (Tantra).

It is much deeper and more satisfying and connected with Svadhisthana chakra and solar energy. Sadly most women never experience this kind of orgasm.

4. Cervical and uterine orgasm
Powerful contractions in the vaginal muscles propagating towards the cervix and is perceived as slow gentle contractions.

This is a typical tantric orgasm, however, very rare, which is felt in the whole body up to the head. Can sometimes be perceived as an "out of body experience" and lead to higher states of ecstasy.

This orgasm more or less controls itself and opens up the sexual energy to flow from Svadhisthana Chakra and up towards the higher chakras (Kundalini).

For a woman to achieve this type of orgasm she need to have a perfect control of the vaginal muscles, the right partner and position.

5. The anal orgasm
Arises through stimulation of the erogenous nerves surrounding the anus and an internal massage the anus, which in turn affects the area surrounding the sacrum. In order to experience this type of orgasm a woman needs to be able to relax and feel safe with her partner. The energy released is quite heavy in nature (Muladhara Chakra) and very difficult to control.

Generally beginners should avoid this form of orgasm since the energy has a low frequency, and can lead to coming in contact with mental elements of an impure nature. This mental level is called "analism" in psychology.

6. Fountain Orgasm
Very intense, deep satisfactory and often long-lasting pulsating muscle contractions that cause secretion of large amounts of sexual liquid. Often preceded by stimulating the G-spot.

For a woman to achieve this type of orgasm she needs to have a perfect control of the vaginal muscles and her partner need to know the right technique.