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"The health of sex
and sensuality
lies in the personal,
in that ancient feeling
of unselfish bonding
that can create
a new relationship,
a new life
or a new society"





















This is to Shakti and her cosmic energy!
I felt a huge colorful energy.
I felt that I had a beautiful butterfly in my hands.
I felt the wing beating in my closed hands ... it was warm and loving .. and beautiful.
The butterfly made me let go ... I did not want to let it go, I did not want to, it felt too wonderful!
But you told me that I should do it...and I did it too, but it made me feel so sad...
But soon after that my body was filled with lots of bubbles that caressed my whole body...and my soul!
I could not open my eyes because it was a lot of colors in the room that swept back and forth!
I felt for the first time in a long time that I am valuable and that I exist here and now! I got in touch with myself! Thank you Shakti! I give you 10 + (of10).
You asked how I feel... I feel like I'm walking on clouds! I will definately schedule a new appointment!

Male 51 Spain

Thanks for a wonderful tantramassage!
Was nervous when I came to you, but Shakti's warm and calm reception released all the nervousness. The nice ritual before the massage allowed me to relax even more and find my inner self.
The massage was wonderful and I could feel Shakti's warmth, affection and love during all three hours. The absolute best part was getting to experience something that Shakti described as an orgasm without ejaculation, when I was shaking with pleasre for several minutes. Felt like champagne bubbles that spread throughout the body. A whole new experience for me! I will happily return and would highly recommend this tantramassage by Shiva and Shakti, which has given me a whole new perspective on sexuality.

Male 36 Sweden

Thank you very much for everything that you gave me, including the desire to share with you of my deepest vulnerability.
I am feeling warm and loved inside. You have really given me a glimpse into a very different kind of loving than what I have known before... It makes me feel happy - to start glimpsing a huger, wider, more expansive way of loving and being - but also sad, for all the years of ignorance, not-knowing,
mediocre loving.
My eyes are changing - watching a fairly shitty movie last night, the sex and 'sexy' dressing, stupid power games, all seemed even more empty and shallow than usual. Almost unbearable, in fact.
And, particularly on the day I left you, I kept looking at women on the train thinking 'have you ever been properly loved?', 'do you know what it's like to be touched, seen, opened by a man, a real man?'. 'Probably not'. And then feeling so damn sorry for the whole lot of us.

Woman 39 years Scotland

I recetly returned from your temple. It feels like I'm missingsomething, maybe it's normal. But I was there just now haha! It was a beautiful experience with the potential to become fully divine.
The massage I received was fantastic, although I was nervous, nervous for a lot of reasons and it was nice to be able to admit that before the session and also opening up to it afterwards. I'm tired of being strong, tough and invincable so therefore I choose more often to be honest and with you, I dare to be open. Today, I still feel
deeply touched by you and I am longing to return to that place!
I want to thank you again for a great time, I'll love to come back!

Man 31 years Sweden

Thank you sooo much for your generous gift to me. It really had a huge impact in unexpected and even inexplicable ways.
What I took most from the experience was not what I expected, and I still do not yet know quite how to define "how, why and what" impacted me so much - beyond the obvious of course.
All I know is that I feel changed as a result of it and that I feel so very very happy and fortunate that this transpired between us. Many thanks and a huge hug to you.

Woman 38 years USA

I'll have to admit that I feel unusually good today - so it is possible that yesterday's session had a greater positive impact on me than I first realized!
Thank you! I am happy to book into a new session.

Man 65 years Sweden

To leave Helsingborg, or really leave your presence, felt like leaving my family. It tends to hurt a little in the heart.
You really made me feel that I was worth something, I felt at home.
You lifted me up. It felt really nice. Thank you!

Woman 29 years Austria

I would again like to say that I was so GRACEFULLY received by Shakti. The questions and conversation before the session. Welcomed to her TEMPLE. She did everything for me. But I did not receive fully, I was unable.
I am longing to return. Besides Shakti, the premises and the environment was warm.
During the session, she did everything to make me feel good! but I was unfortunately not able to receive fully. But I will definitely be back for more healing touch. I want to thank you once again for the seriousity I meet with you.

Man 67 years Sweden

I was really nervous at first, but I relaxed pretty soon. Being able to speak so freely and naturally about everything related to sex and intimacy was a relief, to feel so cared for and loved.
You have made me feel more like a woman than I ever did before, you have given me a new perspective on intimacy, pleasure and of men who are quite a bit older than myself. Thank you for being who you are, and that you shared your deep experience!

Woman 19 years Sweden

First, thanks for a highly pleasurable experience in your temple today. No, it was to take on the low side. I mean it was an amazing wonderful physical and spiritual journey that Shakti guided me on.
I have believed that time passes more slowly when you live in the present. The two hours with Shakti felt cruelly short, so in what state of mind I was in, then?

Man 47 years Sweden

What an experience! For the first time in my life I've been able to relax with a man, and just focus on how I feel, to receive touch.
So responsive, my skin feels like a part of your hands, impulses of energy. Is this the way love energy feels?
I thank you with all my heart! You fill me with confidence, self-esteem, confidence and joy.

Woman 26 years Sweden

I have tried two other kinds of tantra massage. Your tantra was what I expected the others to be. Ok, at the start of my journey I thought there would be more lingam contact but thinking about it, I came away more aware from your experience.
It is the one I would like to pursue further and indulge my mind and soul in,
ultimately lingam contact was not needed through your massage which was very satisfying in so many other ways.

Man 34 år England

You have touched us both on a much deeper level than we ever could have imagined. We saw this mostly as something fun, sexy.
From being quite physically and pornographic our intimate moments now contain much more care, love, focus. We give more of ourselves to each other, and we know much more.
Thank you for opening our eyes, our minds and our bodies!

Couple 23 and 27 years