We About Us


When you have practiced yoga for some time
you become aware that everything consists of energy,
that we all have untapped sources within ourselves
and that we can learn to control these energies.

But it also means that you become painfully aware
of other peoples energies...and how these affect their wellbeing.
Many people are stressed, wound up, totally controlled
by their minds. Others are closed, introvert,
have bad self-esteem, or are generally on edge,
irritated, aggressive, sexually frustrated or unfulfilled.

You want to reach out and invite them into the wonderful world
of self-realization, give them advice on how small changes
may mean a world of difference in how they enjoy life.
But these things are difficult to just talk about
- they need to be experienced.
"The health of sex
and sensuality
lies in the personal,
in that ancient feeling
of unselfish bonding
that can create
a new relationship,
a new life
or a new society"

Through a combination of healing Tantra-Massage
and our deep understanding of Yoga and Tantra Therapy,
we are dedicated to contribute to a better and more
harmonious world, to help people realize their
potential for true happiness and pleasure.

I hope that tantra will spread and eventually
become a movement for peace and positiveness
among people. How can people make war if they are full of love?
Hopefully tension, bitterness, anger and frustration
can be replaced by relaxation, happiness and fulfilment.

Namaste ! : )